Arts Infinite has a wide selection of frames in different materials such as wood, metal, and acrylic, for your photos, paintings and artworks in all media.

We also offer hand-made frames that are designed specially for your needs. We work closely with the clients in devising the frame styles and matching mat boards in various colors and finishes, like silk mounted mat boards.
We are an expert in offering the most appropriate and professional picture hanging solutions and systems.

Over the past four decades, we handled numerous pieces of artworks created by different designers and world-renowned artists at galleries, museums, corporates, and private residencies. Our hanging solutions:

1. minimise holes on walls

2. are robust yet flexible applications

3. are easy to install and reusable

4. allow easy and quick picture changing, and

5. support multiple pictures on a single wire.
Our team builds exhibition of various scales. Our experiences range from multi-media installation works toantiques such as bronze sculptures, stone statues, ceramics, oil paintings and works on paper.
Our holistic approach from concept to construction allows us to develop comprehensive display solutions for our customers.

We fabricate stands, booths and temporary wall structure for trade shows, expos, show rooms, and visitorcenters etc. We work with local and international teams in creating exhibition spaces that are easy-to-use,flexible and effective for products in different sizes and shapes.
Specially selected designer hardware from globally acclaimed designers and architects are available at Arts Infinite.

Nicely designed items are indispensable in everyday lifestyle. Not only do they let you enjoy their forms,but also their cleverly thought-out and engineered function. A beautiful piece of hardware to architecture islike a jewel to haute couture!
From time to time, we offer a good range of paintings, prints and nostalgic posters for your collection and decoration. Stay tuned!